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Mission Critical, Foster Homes Needed!

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About HCR Rescue Program


Mission Statement

The mission of Houston Collie Rescue is to rescue Collies in need of new homes. To ensure that all necessary veterinary work, including spay or neuter, is completed, to perform temperament testing to ensure that the Collie is adoptable. The adoption process includes an application, interview, veterinary reference, and home check to place each Collie in the best possible permanent home.

Houston Collie Rescue is a non-profit charitable group comprised of volunteers who give of their time, ability and even their homes to help place Collies where they will be well cared for and loved. Our main goals are the protection of Collies already here, the prevention of further over-breeding, and the education of any Collie owner who requests it.

Houston Collie Rescue was established in response to the need to find good homes for Collies that are abandoned, lost, or mistreated, and that are in dire need of a new lease on life. We also help, in extreme emergencies, those who have to give up their dogs. We feel that the responsibility for caring for lost, neglected and abused Collies must rest with those who know and love the breed. HCR is made up of individuals who have many years of experience with this breed and understand the needs of the dogs. What better reward could there be than knowing that dozens of Collies which otherwise might have been put to sleep, left out to starve or to run loose in the streets to be crippled or killed in traffic, are instead currently in loving and caring homes!

All HCR Collies have received necessary medical treatment, have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for heartworms/hookworms, fleas and other parasites, and have been tagged with a Microchip recorded by name and rescue number in our files.  Because of the often deplorable conditions they have come from; their intelligent, sensitive dispositions; double coats; and the Texas heat and humidity, our rescue Collies are required by adopters to be indoor dogs, except for exercise and pleasant days outside. Collies are dependable house pets. Upon the dog's adoption, we recommend keeping our tag on the collar. To further protect your beloved new Collie we urge you to always keep your Collie indoors or behind a locked gate, in a fenced yard when exercising, and on leash when walking.  For increased pleasure in your Collies company, we strongly recommend obedience training, especially in classes where you both receive the guidance of professionals and the opportunity for the dog's continuing socialization.  Most Collies are outstanding obedience dogs. As a rule, Collies are loving and devoted companions, they are gentle with children and with other animals. Some Collies are quiet while others can be barkers. A Collie will bond very closely with all family members and will reward a loving owner with years of unquestioning devotion and affection.

Points to Remember

  1. Potential Adopters: Must be 18 years of age, have verifiable identification (Driver's License or other picture ID), provide proof of authorization to have a pet if you rent your home.

  2. Fees: The only fee involved is to help cover our medical expenses. A minimum of $275.00 for all dogs age 1-9, $125 for dogs 10+, and $300. minimum, not to exceed $500 for puppy under 12 months is required when you adopt a dog and due immediately upon transfer of our dog to the new owner. No adoption is final until the paper work and fee are tendered, and no HCR dog will be left with the adopter until these requirements are taken care of. Some of these dogs require extra medical care or special rehabilitation, which will entail much greater expense; we do not require, but would appreciate an extra donation to help cover these extra expenses. The adoption fee may be paid by cash, check, or money order made out to Houston Collie Rescue. There will be a $25 fee for any returned check.
  3. Spaying/Neutering: Any dog adopted from Houston Collie Rescue will have been spayed or neutered; Rescued Collies make marvelous friends, and placing them in a loving, supportive environment is the only goal we will pursue. If you would like to acquire a Collie with the idea of producing puppies, we would be happy to refer you to one of the breeders in the Houston Collie Club. Breeding Collies is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, and one that should not be attempted without knowledge and understanding of this breed and of the many facets of breeding and nurturing puppies.

  4. Contracts: All adopters of Rescue Dogs will be asked to sign a final Adoption Agreement . This contract is legal and binding.  Please read it carefully.

  5. Miscellaneous: We require you follow a regular inoculation program established by your veterinarian to guarantee your dog stays healthy, as well as monthly heartworm and flea preventative. You will receive a complete medical history on your Collie , as can be determined or documented. You must also have the dog licensed in accordance with the laws where you live. Since we do not know you personally, the information from the Adoption Application (which is requested of anyone seeking a rescue Collie ) will help us to match up the right kind of Collie for your family. We place our Collies only in good, loving homes, and we screen prospective adopters thoroughly.

  6. Adoption Process: The adoption application puts the adoptive home in the 'hat' for one of our rescues, but since our first concern is a good match between family and dog, we do not adopt on a 'first come' basis, but on the best match for all concerned.  If your application is not selected for the Collie of your choice, rest assured there will be more rescues in our program for you to consider, and upon request we will also refer you to our sister rescue organizations around the state.

Please keep the "Terms of Adoption" information sheet for your reference. Please fill out the attached Adoption Application and mail it to us as soon as possible. Once we receive your Adoption Application and it has been approved, you will then be required to read and sign the "Adoption Agreement".

If at any time in the life of the dog the match does not work, or if for any reason the family must relinquish the dog, then the adoptive home returns the to Houston Collie Rescue. If one of our adopted Collies is being considered for euthanization by the family and their vet for any reason, Houston Collie Rescue must be contacted.  If the adoptive home violates ANY section of the Program Description, the Adoption Application, or the Final Adoption Agreement, Houston Collie Rescue will take legal steps to reclaim the dog.

____Vickey Willard ______ Alice Rostkowski ______ Tricia Johnson
Event Coordinators...Karen Heuer & Linda Chesser

___Barb Lewis....Former President & Technical Advisor ______

Houston Collie Rescue
PO Box 526
Stafford, TX 77497-0526

Phone Info:
HCR Collie Line

Please take note of our email address:
E-mail:  houcollierescue@yahoo.com


Thanks for supporting our efforts.

Also when mailing correspondence to this address, please sure to address all correspondence exactly as it is shown above. This will ensure proper delivery to Houston Collie Rescue.


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